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Welcome to Green Earth Test and Tag

Test and Tag Melbourne

We are a company that provides test and tag services which is also known as  portable appliance testing (pat testing)  services covering all areas of business including commercial, residential,  retail, education and facilities management throughout Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.


It is essential that you protect your employees and your business by establishing and operating an electrical inspection and test and tag system in your work place to ensure their own safety, the safety of other workers and the safety of the public.


We help companies meet their legal obligations and ensure the safety of all electrical equipment used in their businesses and also go through a visual inspection of all appliances first to identify problems of cords and equipment for damage, defects, or modification. Every appliance is bar-coded and tagged with a unique identification number to ensure, to minimise any electrical shock risks in your workplace.

Here at Green Earth  Test and Tag  electrical test now encompasses:


  • PAT Testing
  • 3 Phase Testing and Tagging
  • Single phase testing
  • RCD Testing
  • Microwave Testing



OH & S Recommendations for Testing and Tagging


The Occupational Health and Safety Acts throughout Australia call that portable equipment/appliances, electric hand tools, extension leads, power boards and Portable  Residual Current Devices (PRCD) be tested in all commercial and industrial areas according to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760.


In most circumstances  few people know their legal requirements. The OH&S  Acts  states that if you are an employer, a self employed person, an employee, a customer engaging a trade person or for that matter , any person lending a portable appliance to another person, that you have a duty of care under the common law and OH&S Act to ensure that the equipment or appliance is safe.



Services at Green Earth Test and Tag


  • PAT Testing

We offer an efficient, reliable and professional service to a wide range of commercial sector and residential premises.  Our PAT testing is fully compliant with the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760 and  Health and Safety at Work regulations, which ensures that electrical appliances within the workplace meet safety guidelines.


  • 3 Phase Testing and Tagging

Testing and Tagging of three phase appliances is required by the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760. Therefore it is a worthwhile investment if considered when developing and maintaining your test and tag program. All of our professionals are trained in how to correctly test and tag three phase appliances including 4 & 5 pin / 10 – 32 amp rating equipment and leads as they are unlike single phase portable appliances.


  • Single phase testing


  • RCD(Residual Current Devices) Testing

RCD’s are safety devices, they have to be tested periodically to check that their performance as trip current and time. There are a number of instruments commercially available which provide a multitude of tests.  The tests required by the Australian standards AS 3760:2003 are:


  • The push button test
  • Operational test


Once you have done regular testing and tagging of your appliances, RCD’s help to further minimise the risk of injury or death from a power leakage. That’s where RCD testing really plays an important role of ensuring electrical safety in the work place or residential properties.


Microwave Testing

To ensure compliance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 60335 we conduct a microwave leakage test using a microwave detection device that has been pre-calibrated to give a warning if the microwaves emanating from the equipment if greater than acceptable levels (50W/m2).



At Green Earth  test and tag, our aim is to make the test and tag process comprehensive, flexible, affordable, and easier for our valued customers. We provide our customers with a tailor made quote, to suit their specific needs.



Contact Green Earth Test Tag  for all your Test and Tag requirements, or alternatively  you can fill out the online enquiry form below and we will contact you.


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